Maruf Alom

Backend Engineer at Paysera

First of all thanks for visiting my little blog. I'll try to be more active on it!

I'm a Software Engineer with a passion for building scalable and highly available applications. I am currently working as a Backend Engineer in a FinTech company, Paysera LT. I have experience designing and implementing backend/APIs, caching mechanisms, and CI/CD pipelines for various projects. I prioritize scalability, maintainability, and security in my approach to software architecture, while also considering performance, cost, and user experience. I'm always eager to learn and work with teams to build innovative solutions that meet complex business requirements.

Tech stacks I have experience with


PHP, Javascript, Typescript, Golang, Java, Python


Laravel, Symfony, Nestjs, ExpressJs, Fastify, Echo, Gin


ElasticSearch, Kibana, FluentD

Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm

I enjoy working:

  • in a quite place
  • with collarative product focused peoples

When I am not coding:

  • I enjoy long walk
  • I like to learn new things, which can be anything interesting
  • Spend time with my birds
  • I enjoy watching the stars and wondering about human exsistance!


I prefer email/texts and I don't like phone calls.

Email me at: hi[at]